Adnodd Canlyniadau Seiliedig ar Nodau: Nodiadau arweiniad Gymraeg o’r GBO

Mae fersiwn o’r GBO a gyfieithwyd i’r Gymraeg gan Gwelliant Cymru bellach ar gael i’w lawrlwytho a’i ddefnyddio am ddim o’r fan hon

A version of the GBO translated into Welsh by Improvement Cymru is now available to download and use for free from here

Guidance notes for using the goal-based outcome (GBO) tool

The goal-based outcomes (GBO) tool is a simple and effective method to measure progress and outcomes of an intervention.  It grew out of work with children, young people and their families in mental health and emotional well-being settings but can be used in any setting, that is change-focused and goal-oriented – including adult and physical health contexts. The GBO has been used extensively both in the UK and internationally.

The goal-based outcomes (GBO) tool is a tool to help facilitate collaborative goal-oriented conversations & to help track progress towards goalsand facilitate further collaborative goal-oriented conversations.

The tool tracks what is arguably the most important thing to measure in any intervention: “Is this helping you make progress towards the things that you really want help with?” 

This full guidance can be downloaded here

Hard copies if the guidance will be available from later this month please follow to keep up to date with publication details.