Goal-based outcome (GBO) tool: Global Interest

Great to see the interest in the goal-based outcome (GBO) tool across the globe in 2019. The tool is now translated into: Portuguese, French, Norwegian, and Japanese. Welsh, Irish and Russian versions in progress and soon to be followed by Italian and Spanish. If you are interested in translating the GBO and/or the guidance notes , get in touch using the contact form below.

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Cultural differences in goal-setting and GBO: please share your experiences

Goal-oriented practice and the use of the goal-based outcomes (GBO) tool has spread to a range of settings in physical and mental health in recent years.  It is used across Europe and in North America, Japan and Australasia and is being translated into different languages.  This spread means that the practice and the tools are increasingly being used across different cultures.  

We would like to hear from you about your personal and clinical experiences of using the GBO or goal-oriented practice with people across different cultures.

We are interested in things like:

  • What have you experienced in terms of different cultural attitudes to goal setting?
  • What ideas or techniques have you found helpful in explaining goals and the GBO?
  • What differences have you noticed in the sorts of goals that are set across different cultures?
  • What differences are there in peoples understanding of the concept of goals, goal-setting and rating goal progress?
  • What experiences have you had using the GBO with translators?

Please share your experiences via the ‘leave a reply’ link below or via the ‘contact’ page

Guidance notes for using the goal-based outcome (GBO) tool

The goal-based outcomes (GBO) tool is a simple and effective method to measure progress and outcomes of an intervention.  It grew out of work with children, young people and their families in mental health and emotional well-being settings but can be used in any setting, that is change-focused and goal-oriented – including adult and physical health contexts. The GBO has been used extensively both in the UK and internationally.

The goal-based outcomes (GBO) tool is a tool to help facilitate collaborative goal-oriented conversations & to help track progress towards goalsand facilitate further collaborative goal-oriented conversations.

The tool tracks what is arguably the most important thing to measure in any intervention: “Is this helping you make progress towards the things that you really want help with?” 

This full guidance can be downloaded here

Hard copies if the guidance will be available from later this month please follow http://www.goals-in-therapy.com to keep up to date with publication details.

Goal-based outcomes – helpful ideas tracker: the GBO-HIT


Sometimes we need to get helpful ideas and information that might help us make changes in the future. For some people, what they want and need is just get the ideas and information that they can use to put things into practice themselves what we might call self-help. For others they may want guided self-help with a practitioner who can coach and encourage change through.  For others still, they may want to engage fully in therapy as a process of change.

The GBO-HIT is a very simple way to track if clients feel they are getting the ideas they need to help them with the things they want to change.  It can be used to track if clients feel they are getting helpful ideas and can then be used to facilitate discussions about this.

The tool has a suggested goal: ‘I feel i have learnt as much as i need, to manage what i came for help with’ and also has space for more client led ideas or ‘learning goals’ that can also be tracked and discussed.  The GBO-HIT can be used along side the original GBO tool to track other goals the client may have

Tracking helpful ideas may not be useful for everyone – it was designed to be used with guided self-help interventions but is applicable wherever ideas and information or psycho-eduction is a focus of the work.

Free to download and use PDF copies of the GBO-HIT can be downloaded here

This page can be used to rate goals in each session


This page can be used to track progress over a number of session